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OCT 23



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Join Us For An Evening Of

Pressing Forward

A Virtual Update on How We Help Pregnant Women Press Forward

Pressing Forward 2020 is a free virtual event about building into the future, saving lives, and strengthening our community. There’s so much that we have accomplished and many obstacles that we have conquered amidst COVID; but there’s still so many more mountains to climb and new ideas to explore. We can’t wait for you to join us for an evening of reflection on what’s been done and looking towards the future together.

Saving Lives Despite Difficulty

What We Do At Hope

Love & Compassion For

Anyone Who Comes In

We embrace anybody who comes into Hope Women’s Centers looking for resources, support, or guidance when it comes to unplanned pregnancies.

Encourage & Equip To

Make Informed Decisions

Hope Women’s Centers exists to encourage and equip women and men to make informed decisions regarding unexpected pregnancies.

Guide Pregnant Women

Away From Abortion

We encourage men & women who come into Hope Women’s Centers to choose life. We do this by educating them on the impact that the experience of abortion can have, along with the many joys of choosing life.

Healing Experience To Any Who Have

Experienced Abortion

As we aim to guide women away from the experience of abortion, we also provide the environment for those who have experience abortion, the opportunity to heal.

Be A Part of Helping Lives and Leave A Legacy

The first 100 registrants will participate for a $100 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

Can't Make It To The Premier? No Problem!

We will make the video available here after the event!

A Quick Look At

The Impact This Year

Patients Seen
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Of Our Patients Chose Life
Salvations During COVID-19

A Virtual Event

What Is This All About?

Pressing Forward is a virtual experience in place of our Legacy Partner’s Dinner and Walk for Life. It is an event during a socially distant time where we can connect with you in spite of the challenges of COVID & physically gathering together. We’ll share how your support has saved lives and how your financial support can continue to help further the mission. Join us for an awe inspiring night, one that can help save generations!

So What’s The Point &

Why Be A Part Of This?

The virtual experience will allow you to hear from the hearts of people impacted by unexpected pregnancies. We’ll also share about what God is doing at Hope, the impact we’ve had despite the pandemic, and how we are pressing forward. You’ll have an opportunity to partner with us in support of life.

Okay, So What Do You

Need Me To Do?

We would love it if you’d share this link with your friends, family, and church. You may want to host a watch party, of course safely distancing. We also need your support. With our largest fundraisers canceled and abortion-vulnerable women in need of our services, we gladly welcome your financial support. Your gift will save lives, your gift will provide hope, your gift will transform generations. Sometimes all she needs is to see her baby in the womb on an ultrasound. Would you help us continue to further the mission, providing free and confidential medical services to women facing abortion decisions and encouraging them to choose life? Don’t want to wait until the event to give?! Scroll down and click the Donate to Hope button today. Thank you for helping save lives!

A Night of Pressing Forward

Hear From Our Team

Ariana Reid

Executive Director

Rebecca Pratt

Director of Client Services

Ted Key

Board Member

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This Year, We’ve Been Hard At Work

Conquering Obstacles

2020 hasn’t been scarce when it comes to obstacles. COVID has brought many new challenges, but we’ve been fortunate enough to conquer many of them with the help of our generous partners.

So Much More To Come & Many More

Mountains To Climb

Even though we are celebrating our victories, our true passion is for the work that is still left to be done… In 2021, we have big goals to reach more pregnant women and open a new facility in South Florida.

Helping Lives from Parent to Child

We’ve Helped Many

Be A Part Of Something Bigger

The Time Is Now

We are not letting circumstances hold us back! We believe in the power of coming together. We believe in being a part of something bigger than the individual. We believe in something greater! Join us Friday, October 23rd at 7:00pm.

Take Action. Make A Difference.

Two Ways To Give

We offer two ways for you to support what we do at Hope Women’s Centers: online donations and our text-giving platform. If you’d like to partner with us, you can choose one of our options.

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